MagnumStone | Ledge Face

Masters MagnumStone Ledge Face
  • Dimensions:
  • Weight:
  • Face Width 48” | Back Width 39” | Depth 24” | Height 24” | Face Area 8 sq. ft.
  • 1350

MagnumStone | Ledge Face

The MagnumStone™ retaining wall system has quickly become one of Masters most popular products.  From Engineers and Specifiers to Residential Contractors and Homeowners, MagnumStone™ grabs your attention with its rugged good looks that work in harmony with the environment.  This hollow core block with it's unique internal drainage system makes it the prime choice for an environmentally friendly wall solution engineered for both residential and commercial projects.

Let's face it, land is expensive!    MagnumStone™ excels at making the most out of every square foot of your valuable property.  MagnumStone's gravity retaining wall extenders give you the ability to build taller gravity walls closer to property lines and utilities vs. other traditional retaining wall systems .The versatility of  MagnumStone™ allows you to easily design and incorporate curves, corners, plantable terraces, and more in the most unique and challenging applications.  

Why 40 is our number

40% Less Concrete

40% More Retaining Wall

40% More Eco Friendly

40% More Permeable

40% Faster Installation

40% Depth of Excavation




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