PermEntry Step Unit

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PermEntry Step Unit

Pre-installation Requirements:

  • Provide truck access to within 10’ of the center of the PermEntry unit.
  • Foundation footing and opening should be level, plumb, and square.
  • Width of opening in foundation wall should be 40” maximum for all sizes.
  • Ensure proper soil drainage at base of unit. A footing drain to day light is recommended.
  • When foundation is backfilled, leave minimum work area for PermEntry installation as shown.
  • Basement floor or equivalent slab should be poured in the concrete wall.
  • Hold foundation tar coating back a minimum of 12” on each side of opening.

How to Measure:

  • Properly backfill and compact excavation area with clean, suitable fill and/or stone.
  • NEVER USE CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS and NEVER backfill higher than 2” below the top of the concrete casting.
  • Final grade should be adjusted to leave 2”-6” of casting above finished grade, immediately slope grade away from the PermEntry unit in all directions.
  • Avoid locating down spouts or sump discharge near the PermEntry unit.
  • An insulated vertical door at the bottom of the stairs is recommended to reduce heat loss in the home.
  • A finish coat of alkyd metal enamel in a light color must be applied to all metal surfaces inside and out. Do not use an oil based wood paint.
How to Measure

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