Struggling with Poor Quality Concrete?

July 26, 2018

Struggling with Poor Quality Concrete?

​Mix Matters. Ingredients Matter.

Whether your job requires Fiber Reinforcement, Water Reducers, or Quality Enhancers, Masters offers the right ingredients for every load.

Fiber Reinforcement

  • Fiber is a more economical replacement for wire mesh.
  • Fiber is evenly distributed throughout the entire concrete mix.
  • Fiber reduces cracking.

Water Reducer

  • Economical product to improve placeability, finishability and strength of concrete.
  • Reduces problems associated with added water: cracking, durability, low strength, etc..

Concrete Quality Enhancers

  • Evaporation Retarders (Confilm): Keeps water from prematurely leaving the concrete during finishing.
  • Curing Compounds: Keeps available moisture in the concrete after finishing, improving strength and reducing cracks

If you’ve recently struggled with poor quality concrete let Masters Mix your next quality pour.

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