MagnumStone Virtual Summit

MagnumStone Virtual Summit January 20, 2021

MagnumStone Virtual Summit

MagnumStone presents the 2021 Virtual Summit, sharing expertise & insights to make retaining wall design and installation simpler for you.

Event: 10:00AM - 12:30PM Eastern Time (EST), February 3, 2020

Our team proudly invites you to join the free live 2021 MagnumStone Virtual Summit, to learn from our experts about everything MagnumStone - from retaining wall design features and installation techniques to free installation guides and wall design software.

With the most versatile big block retaining wall system on the market, you’ll discover why engineers, architects, contractors and homeowners worldwide are raving about MagnumStone’s unique combination of simplicity, strength and captivating looks.

The 2021 MagnumStone Virtual Summit will cover:

Module 1: MagnumStone Retaining Wall Systems 101

  • Introduction to MagnumStone’s Retaining Wall System
  • Learn About MagnumStone’s Different Units & How They Interact
  • MagnumStone System Advantages: (Gravity Retaining Walls, Geogrid Retaining Walls, Positive Connection Retaining Walls, Plantable Retaining Walls, Water & Stream Beds)
  • Poplar Island Case Study & Analysis
  • Durability of CornerStone

Module 2: Installation - Made by Contractors, For Contractors

  • Learn from the Expert: Vern Dueck, MagnumStone President
  • Make Installs Quicker & Easier
  • MagnumStone’s Standout Wall Design Features
  • Common Causes of Retaining Wall Failures
  • Base Preparation, the Foundation of Successful Installs
  • Extend Your Reach with Tall Walls
  • Look Natural, Aesthetics are Important

Module 3: Educational Resources for MagnumStone Success

  • Become a Certified MagnumStone Expert
  • Online Videos & Installation Guides
  • Free Retaining Wall Design & Estimator Software

Module 4: Retaining Wall Design & Analysis Software Demo

  • Learn from the Expert: Tolin Hessell, MagnumStone Engineer
  • Expediting the Wall Design Process

We look forward to seeing you at the 2021 MagnumStone Virtual Summit on February 3, 2021. To RSVP for the event click the link below.