All Hands on Drum!

Youth Truck Sponsorship October 2, 2020

All Hands on Drum!

In support of our community we’ve looked to the future and a true way to give back. Enter the Masters Ready Mix Youth Truck. This truck focuses on two of our areas best resources for our future - the current YMCA in Carbondale and the prospective Susquehanna County Recreational Center. We are raising money for each, a keen focus on the future.

How is Works:

We are taking sponsorships.
Each sponsorship of $25 receives a handprint with a name on this truck.
One print - $25
Interested in four prints - $100
Sponsor your child, your grandchild, your niece, nephew, or any child.
We want to cover this truck. Sponsor a child today.

How to Get a Hand:

Click below to fill out form for an immediate purchase. Use a credit or debit card to secure your handprint/s.
Online Purchase & Checkout

Download and fill out the Handprint Form, return it with a check or money order for the total sponsorship.
Download Mail-in Form

The children of NEPA are the foundation of our future. #mastersallhands #coverthetruck #foundationofthefuture