2019 Masters Employee Mixer

August 30, 2019

2019 Masters Employee Mixer

On July 23rd, the employees of Masters Concretes family of businesses gathered at the Pennbrook Picnic Grove in Factoryville. This yearly gathering gives us all a chance to meet old friends, make some new, and solidify our bond under the Masters mantle.

This year’s focus was “Commitment”. Commitment to ourselves in doing the best we can as individuals. Commitment to team, to serving our brothers and sisters within the company. Commitment to our customers, ensuring that each job is done to our eminent standards with pride and safety. Commitment to our community, reflected in our latest theme trucks. We asked our employees to support each other and serve our community with pride and honor.

On this day we honored this years milestone employees -
Richard W. Masters - 50 years
John A Brigham - 30 years
Mark Pekol - 25 years
Ken Luff - 20 years
Bryant Beach - 20 years
David Deacon - 15 years
Leandro Deoliveira - 5 years

We are Masters Concrete. We are family. We are committed to serving you.